Daze of Lindsay’s Lifetime

June 6, 2012 at 4:59 am

Like sands through the hourglass.

So were the days of Lindsay Lohan’s career.

Not content to have merely fucked up her own pathetic existence, Ms. Lohan insists on scarring our memories of the Hollywood legend, gay icon and glamour-puss Elizabeth Taylor.

Here, the former shoots a scene as the latter.  It’s from the once-blonde box office bomb’s Lifetime movie, sophisticatedly titled “Liz & Dick.”  At her side – as Taylor’s 5th & 6th husband – is “Good Christian Bitches” graduate Grant Bowler.

Those simultaneous spinning sounds you hear from the directions of Forest Lawn’s Great Mausoleum in Glendale and Vieux Cemetery in Geneva, Switzerland are Liz and her Dick doing 360′s in their respective sarcophagi.

The Real Richard and Elizabeth


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