What is Rumor Rat?

What is www.RumorRat.com?

We’re the website with plans to make “Pink Is The New Blog” see red…
have Perez Hilton turning pea green with envy, and make “TMZ” a
four-letter word.  Our rats are in place all around LA-LA-land, and
they’re just beginning to bring a whole new brand of celebrity
journalism to the internet.  Hold onto your half-caff mocha-lattes, all
you Starbucks-swilling fluff-finders.  You’re about to get “ratted out.”

The Rat is a whole new way of “spreading the word” in – and about -
Hollywood.  Sure, we’ll have the latest celebrity news.  But we’ll also
detail the intrigue that takes place in the executive suites of the
studios around town.

And the suits at Disney-ABC, Paramount-CBS, NBC-Universal, and Fox won’t
just come to www.RumorRat.com to find out what’s going on in their own
offices or those of the competition.  Those vindictive rat-bastards will
also feed the rat more than enough gossip to fill these pages.
Here at www.RumorRat.com, they and you will find out who’s head is on
the chopping block, and offer their predictions, speculation, and
educated guesses as to who’s the next domino to fall within Hollywood’s
brutal studio system.

So who wins in this bloody battle of the Hollywood suits?  The
www.RumorRat.com reader does, of course, because they’ll be ahead of the
game and in the know.  They’ll be the person with whom everybody tries
to score one-on-one time at the water cooler, or in the elevator, or on
the way to the parking lot at the end of a brutal day of political strategy.

The Rat’s critics will call our reportage “Inside Baseball.”  That’s
fine.  After all, baseball has millions of fans who would give a pint of
plasma to know what their favorite team’s front office has up its sleeve
for the upcoming season.  Fans of television and films are no different.

Highbrow news operations take pride in the fact that they don’t report
“rumors.”  But www.RumorRat.com takes no shame in reporting the latest
Hollywood rumors, show business gossip and innuendo.  For the first few
hours after Princess Diana’s tragic car crash, her death was a rumor.
So was Anna-Nicole’s accidental overdose.  And Brad Pitt’s break up with
Jennifer Anniston.  In fact, every good story in Tinseltown began as a
piece of Hollywood gossip.

And Rumors are The Rat’s forte.  Our rogue rodents at places like
“Access Hollywood,” “e! News Daily,” and “The Insider,” are constantly
chasing their rat-tails on unconfirmed Hollywood rumors.  And those are
the items you’ll find on www.RumorRat.com.  You’ll be surprised at how
many rumors make the rounds yet never get published;  likewise, you’ll
be surprised at how many big stories you read about long before anybody
else has a chance to confirm them.  Because the biggest stories start
out as rumors.

And then there are the things that are NEVER reported, because of the
other guys’ allegiances to the almighty dollar, and the Hollywood studio
system.  Would Paramount’s Entertainment Tonight rat-out the diva-like
behavior of a star on the set of that studio’s new blockbuster.  Of
course not.  Would TMZ report on the reading disability of the guy who
allegedly wrote the bestseller on which a Warner Brothers film is
based.  No way.  And would Perez Hilton run a story on his his
high-society namesake’s bad behavior in the ladies’ room of a night
club.  Puhleeze!

If you remember nothing else about your soon-to-be favorite website,
remember this:  a rat has NO ALLEGIANCES!  If we get wind that half a
famous sister act was doing blow in the bathroom at the Spanish Kitchen,
you’re going to know about it.  And that rat-tastic reality show pilot
being shot by the tatted-up son of a well known network executive -
you’ll hear all about it.

And, yes, we’ll pipe in now & then to tell you what we think the
mainstream entertainment news media are doing wrong.  If Mary Hart’s
face is looking especially tight we’ll take a shot at it.  When Nancy
O’Dell is sounding so shrill only dogs should be able to hear her, we’ll
complain.  And when Mario Lopez stops smiling, we’ll send out a red alert.

We’re the perfect blend of superficiality and substance.

Got a Rumor for us?
e-mail it to:  TheBigCheese@RumorRat.com